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Key Legal Group, LLC provides concierge legal service to its select clients. With a focus on civil litigation, Key Legal Group is a woman-owned law firm that prides itself on quality representation both inside and outside the courtroom.

Key Legal Group has the necessary experience to advise and represent clients on a variety of legal issues. Cases are evaluated early and strategies are implemented to meet our client's objectives efficiently. Many of our cases can be resolved through early negotiation, mediation, or dismissed through motions.

Our excellent reputation with attorneys and judges leads to more favorable outcomes for clients. With extensive trial experience in state and federal courts, Key Legal does not hesitate to take a case to trial when it is in our client's best interests.


Key Legal Group's CEO, Heather L. Thuet, is a savvy Utah real estate broker in addition to being an accomplished and ambitious trial attorney.  Heather is the co-owner of Endurance Real Estate, a boutique real estate brokerage.

In 2020, she was elected to be the President of the Utah State Bar, serving until July 2022.  Before that, she was elected twice by the lawyers and judges in Salt Lake to serve as their Bar Commissioner. Heather also serves on the Access to Justice Commission. She is a member of the Sutherland Inn of Court and a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation.

Heather is the former chair of the Utah State Bar’s Litigation Section and is the architect of the Annual Judicial Excellence Awards and Annual CLE & Shenanigans program held in Moab as well as the Health & Wellness program.

Heather also served as a commissioner on the Salt Lake Historic Landmarks Commission, which means Heather is well versed in state and local real estate, regulations, and ordinances and their application.

She was born and raised in Salt Lake County. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science in business from the University of Utah, where she graduated cum laude, she received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Utah.  Ms. Thuet was in the top 5% of her graduating law school class, earning her the prestigious distinction of Order of the Coif.

From Attorney at Law Magazine

“Accomplished and ambitious, trial attorney Heather Thuet wears many hats during her busy days … It is her drive and focus that makes Thuet a formidable opponent. Her reputation for obtaining optimal results for her clients precedes her. Recently, a former client recommended her to a colleague embroiled in a business dispute with a former partner. As it turns out, Thuet had previously represented a friend of the opponent. When they learned Thuet was opposing counsel, the friend advised the former partner to settle the case. It is also not unusual for Thuet to be retained by parties she has opposed in prior matters when faced with new legal issues.

Her passion and attention to detail enables her to objectively identify the strengths and weaknesses in the cases she handles. She’s not afraid to roll-up her sleeves and delve into each matter, sometimes literally. On one case she didn’t hesitate to crawl underneath a medical device that had maimed her client. She laughed recalling the surprise on her opponent’s face and the settlement she was able to obtain for her client.

Thuet’s success and background make her a sought-after speaker at both the national and local levels. She graduated top of her law school class from the University of Utah, where she served on Law Review. She interned with Matthew B. Durrant, the Chief Justice of the Utah Supreme Court.

What does she most enjoy about her chosen profession? “Every day is different, every case is different, and every client is different,” she says. “I like the variety and the intellectual challenge of it and the strategy associated with every case. It is kind of like a game of chess and you have to anticipate and pre-plan the moves.”

And she finds nothing more rewarding than going to trial. “I represented a client recently in a hard-fought two-week trial. As we waited for the jury’s response, we knew my client was either going to lose everything she’d spent a career developing or the jury of her peers would find she’d done nothing wrong. When the no-fault verdict was read, my client cried with relief. That outcome is hard to duplicate in any forum other than trial.”

Thuet became a small claims judge about eight years ago. It helps her appreciate that each case is equally important. “As litigators, when we deal with cases in the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, we can lose sight of the importance to the individual involved,” she says. “Small claims court has made me a more effective advocate for all of my clients.”

Service Offerings

Real Estate Transactions

Key Legal Group offers extensive real estate transactional work, including drafting, negotiating, and closing transactions facilitating the business of real estate, including selling, buying, leasing, use and development of property. We manage the state and local approval processes as well as due diligence investigations, including review of the physical details of the property (which may include an environmental investigation to ensure there is no contamination), review leases of any tenants on the property, and review of the title to make sure the seller actually owns the property and there are no easements, mortgages or other liens on the property (including tax and contractor liens).

Real Estate Litigation

We represent real estate owners, investors, owners’ associations, buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants, title companies, banks, realtors, brokers, inspectors, appraisers, and property management companies in real estate matters.  We have the necessary experience to advise and consult on all aspects of commercial, investment and residential real estate issues, including purchase disputes, boundary disputes, failure to disclose, breach of contract, zoning compliance, construction defect, title, foreclosure, HOA, and other issues.

Commercial & Business Litigation

Key Legal provides high-quality and timely service in contract, commercial, and business disputes. Our clients include public and private companies, directors and officers, partners and shareholders.


Our experienced emergency response team is ready to handle on-site accident investigations from inception through trial.


Key Legal understands that a construction project has multiple moving parts and each component must come together in order for the project to be a success.  We also understand that, at times, problems such as contract defaults and terminations, delays, defects, bodily injury, and property damage claims can arise.  We represent property owners, developers, general contractors, subcontractors, engineers, and insurance in wide array of construction related matters.


We know and understand insurance, how to trigger, maintain, and preserve insurance coverage, bad faith, and extra-contractual liability.

Mediation & Arbitration

Key Legal has significant experience practicing on both sides of the “v” that provides a unique perspective to resolve disputes outside of court which is quicker, less costly, more private, and less combative.

Real Estate Transactions

Key Legal Group offers extensive real estate transactional work, including drafting, negotiating and closing transactions facilitating the business of real estate, including selling, buying, and leasing; development and use of the property and managing the state and local approval processes. As well as due diligence investigations, including a review of the physical details of the property and can include an environmental investigation (to ensure there is no contamination), review the leases of any tenants at the property, and review of the title to make sure the seller actually owns the property and there are no easements, mortgages or other liens on the property, including tax liens

Real Estate Litigation

Key Legal also offers litigation services, including purchase disputes, boundary disputes, failure to disclose, breach of contract, zoning compliance, construction defect, foreclosure, homeowners associations, among other issues.

Client Reviews

"Could not recommend her more highly"

“We hired Heather Thuet to help us with the purchase of a home in Utah as we currently live in the NE. We were told repeatedly by real estate brokers and others, "You don't need an attorney to buy a home in Utah. No one uses an attorney." Such terrible advice, really. We can say categorically that Heather added value at every step and helped us address risks and concerns that came up during the initial negotiations, amid disclosures, during documentation and right up to the closing. Heather had our back the whole time. She proactively offered insights and timely recommendations based not only on her legal training and experience but also her knowledge as a licensed real estate agent herself. She made sure our interests were represented and protected. Could not recommend her more highly.”

- Keith A

"A consummate professional"

“Ms. Thuet is a consummate professional -- knowledgeable, articulate, patient, balanced, prudent, and wise. Wish she were a judge, actually. Our midsized business is happy to give her a strong recommendation for her excellent work, not only for the recent "win" in a lawsuit filed against us, but for the history of delivering for us consistent high -end legal services to our organization.”

- Michael B

"Kept it strong through the finish line"

“Heather is a true professional, and I would definitely work her again. Her legal acumen is top notch. She is also efficient, no nonsense, and takes business considerations into account when providing advice. We found this particularly helpful, because we asked her to help with a multifaceted and complex situation. Heather was patient, listened carefully, and offered except advice/ideas to get us to a resolution that we were happy with. She instilled confidence from the start, and kept it strong through the finish line.”

- Nealesh P


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